Real Savings on Health Insurance


Self insurance in healthcare is the most powerful money saving tool and trend available today!

Sounds like a strong statement doesn’t it…well its true and the insurance industry doesn’t necessarily want you to hear about it.

The bottom line is that if you self insure as a business owner or union president you save money and “you control your money” and not them, scary thought isn’t it!


The most advanced forward looking corporations ( eg. LOWES) are adding Medical Tourism into their plans saving dramatically…and improving medical outcomes, while improving overall patient experiences!

Many of these plans offer free travel for the patient and their significant other, free quality hotel stays, meal reimbursements and even reasonable out of pocket expenditures. The patients receive quality treatment by a English speaking, board certified US trained physician at a JCI (gold standard) hospital, with a PA (patient advocate) acting as their advocate from beginning to end! Of course no one is ever forced to pursue the Medical Tourism option nor should they…it is merely an option. However if even 10% of their employees and or membership opts to pursue the option the cost savings can be dramatic.

Patients return home with a smile and a tan on their collective faces and the plan saves 75% over their former approach. I might add at this point that in many instances Medical Tourism translates into traveling to Cleveland or some other exotic location!


Obviously when you raise this subject as a talking point during your plan review with your consultant, you may get a blank stare. But I assure you it is being done every day quite successfully.


Dealing with a qualified US based Medical Tourism corporation and Insurance Professional knowledgeable in implementing such a plan is imperative, and at this point they are few and far in between. But they are available, and usually know each other!