Health Insurance Plans – Know the Facts

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How Good Are Health Articles?

Most people tend to appreciate that the internet carries a wide range of health article and related material, and most people would probably accept that some of this material is of a highly dubious quality.

The paradox of the internet is that anyone can access virtually any type of information about anything, and at the same time that anyone can produce any piece of information about anything.

Given the nature of health and people’s concerns and desire for information, trying to assess how reliable and good the health article is can be in fact very difficult. Anyone can write anything about any health-related issue, and publish it on-line with virtually no criticism or sanction or need to prove or verify any type of source.

Although in theory people can differentiate between different types of written material, it is also true that anything in print carries with it a degree of authority simply by virtue of it being print. This has always been acknowledged about books, newspapers and magazines, and is also true to a large extent about health articles on-line.

Health articles that are written in newspapers and magazines often appear to have a greater degree of authority by virtue of the quality of the newspaper or magazine they appear in. It is not necessarily the case, as a lot of newspapers or magazines will sensationalize a whole range of health related issues in order to gain readership and/or advertising revenue.

Trying to find out good quality health information about any specific issue can be a difficult process. It is often complicated by the fact that the individual looking for such information may have time restraints or other conditions that affect the nature of their search. It is quite likely that an individual will suddenly become aware of a health-related issue, and start looking for related articles or topics on-line to try and verify or validate their own knowledge.

There are a couple of guidelines about how to find an rely on good quality health articles on-line. It is possible to access a number of medical journals, or at least extracts from a number of medical journals that should carry quite a high degree of authority as they will be peer-reviewed. Some of them will be highly technical, but they will at least point to where good research has been done, and work as an indicator of where to go next.

If anyone is looking for information on a particular topic regarding health, one of the best places to go to is a discussion forum related to people who have experienced or are experiencing such a condition. If you want information about any particular condition, a good place to start is to talk to an individual who has such a condition. Obviously their views are going to be subjective, but someone who has a lived sense of an illness will be able to give individual many pointers. A discussion forum which retains a high degree of anonymity will help do that.

The other place to go for health-related articles on health are websites of associations or organisations of people who have a specific condition or illness. They take the value of a discussion forum one stage further, by combining the collective experience and insights of a number of people who have any type of condition or illness, along with the most recent research and good practice that exists that relates to that condition or illness.

There is an important caveat that any health article read on-line, or in any newspaper or magazine written by anyone should be assessed with a degree of caution. Certainly before acting on any advice contained within such an article independent verification of its merits should be sought.

Health articles themselves should be treated with the same scepticism as a lot of the advice that is often contained within them.

What to Look at When Buying Health Insurance

There are many health insurance companies and many different types of insurance coverage. Many will offer all kinds of things which in some cases we do not understand finding ourselves paying for services we did not want or we did not need. You will find here a brief explanation of certain terms and conditions that may help you understand better what it is you are buying so that down the line you do not find yourself holding the tiger by the tail. Health insurance simply means that you are protecting yourself against having to pay for medical services, this may include surgery, regular medical checkups, injury, emergency care and hospitalization, to mention a few of them.

A health insurance policy or health insurance coverage is a contract between you and the company you have chosen, as such there are terms and conditions that you have to understand and comply with to get the coverage you are paying for. Health insurance contracts or policies are renewable and usually you are able to cancel them without obligation at any time if you are not satisfied with their service or if simply you do not want it anymore.

But you must always read and understand the complete document before you sign it, penalty charges may have to be paid to cancel a health insurance policy.

To purchase a health insurance policy it is necessary for you to pay a premium, this is a certain amount of money which depends on the coverage you want. The premium is paid when you sign the contract and it makes your policy effective immediately. After this, you will pay a monthly or yearly amount that will guarantee your coverage, again, the amount you pay every month will depend on the coverage you have contracted. Now, this is not necessarily the only amount you will have to pay for medical services, there may be other expenses down the line that will come out of your pocket. This is why it is so important for you to read all the documents thoroughly and understand them.

Insurance companies will not cover your medical bills completely, and many times they will want you to pay for the services you receive promising that they will reimburse your expenses within a month or something like that. Even then you do not get 100% of the money spent back. Take a good look at the policy you want to buy and find the paragraph where the “deductible” is mentioned, this is the percentage of the bill you will pay. Usually the company pays for 80% of the bill and you pay for the remaining 20%, this is standard, so make sure this is what you are getting. Any split higher than this is too much and must be rejected immediately.

Now look for the “co-payment” amount or percentage, this has to do with specific types of medical attention where you have to pay part of the expenses, an example of this may be cosmetic surgery. Usually co-payment does not apply to emergency treatment or surgery or regular checkups and care, but again, all companies are different so make sure you do not have to pay a percentage of the bill for every medical service and care you receive.

“Coverage limit” is related to the maximum amount the insurance company is willing to pay for your medical treatment, when this amount is spent, you will have to pay for the rest. Make sure this amount is high and that there are no age restrictions with regards to coverage. The coverage limit does not apply to specific services, it applies to the total amount the insurance company is willing to pay for the duration of the policy. Many people have found themselves needing extensive and expensive medical care down the line and all of a sudden the insurance company sends them a note informing them that their coverage limit has been reached and they will pay no more.

On the other hand you have the “out of pocket maxima”, this is the maximum amount that you have to pay, the rest will be paid by them. Here is where the horse trading begins, you have to negotiate and try to keep your coverage limit up and your out of pocket maxima down, this is very important to achieve especially because you want to be prepared in case down the line you need long or permanent medical care. Insurance companies work to make money and that fact is that if you are a healthy person you may be paying for their services for a long time without using them. This is not important because no one knows when an accident or a disease will happen and you must be financially ready to face the music. Health insurance is the only way to do it.